2018: Our Best Year Yet

Thank You 18

This past May represented an important milestone for Baylight Counseling, namely, our five year anniversary! This small nonprofit ministry, started from scratch with little more than a vision for true biblical soul care in Tampa Bay, survived the odds of small startups, and today is a source of comfort and hope to many.

In 2013, we provided approximately 150 counseling sessions. By 2017, that number grew to 534. Now, as we prepare to close the book on 2018, our service numbers have eclipsed 725 actual counseling sessions provided! That represents growth to the tune of +35% over 2017's final count.

We consider these to be significant figures for a ministry with little in the way of marketing dollars. People and pastors are hearing of Baylight Counseling, and are turning to us for care.

These numbers, buttressed by increasing partner churches, chartitable donors, and income all point to the need for Baylight Counseling in our community, as well as our long-term viability. If these trends continue, it will not be long before we are searching for our third staff counselor!

We at Baylight are grateful for God's faithfulness in this venture, thankful for his allowing us to serve the body of Christ in this way, and exceedingly thrilled at those who have partnered with us to make Baylight a reality.

This year, as in years past, we served the emotionally and spiritually hurting of our community, that is, our fellow church members, our neighbors, our family members, and our friends. As in years past, hurting marriages were set on the path of reconciliation, the depressed found hope in Christ, and the abused found meaning, purpose, and value in the midst of their suffering.

And, as in years past, we saw how these efforts would not have been possible without the support of our ministry partners--those who give generously to and pray without ceasing for our much needed work.

As we head into the final days of this year of marked growth and ministry success, we are asking our friends to prayerfully consider a financial gift to Baylight that will help us finish the year strong, and head into 2019 with wind in our sails.

We estimate that a minimum goal of $1,000.00 is suitable to our need at this time.

Why give to Baylight?

Because not only are we a service oriented nonprofit Christian ministry, but because in giving, you help us keep our counselign fees lower than the market average, making our services accessible to greater numbers of people, because we have never turned away anyone for an inability to pay, and because in so doing, we have provided an estimated $5,000.00 in counseling services to the community by way of reduced fee and pro bono counseling hours. This is out privilege, but we can't do it without your involvement!

But, do people actually give to Baylight?

You bet they do! At the end of this past summer, I shared a post with a $10,000.00 giving goal. Today, there's just $1,000.00 left to raise to make 2018 a healthy fiscal year for this small nonprofit organization, through which God is doign big things in the lives of real people here at home!

If you would consider a gift to Baylight today, we ask that you might make use of our secure online giving option, available HERE.

Your gift of any amount will carry us further toward our goal, and will translate into the advance of truly Christ-centered, biblically driven counseling ministry in Tampa Bay. Your gift may be tax deductible.

On behalf of all of us at Baylight, I want to say thank you for coming along side of us this year. It is our joy to bring hope to the hurting and the hopeless.

If you have any questions for me, please do not hesitate to call at the number listed below. I would love to hear from you!

Called to care and counsel,

Joshua Waulk, MA

Executive Director

Baylight Counseling, Inc.