Anxious? Stay Your Mind on Him!


Anxiety represents one of the more common couinseling topics. When it does not represent the main issue that brings someone to the counseling table, it frequently presents itself in some secondary way. If you're struggling with anxiousness of the heart, mind, or soul today, do undertand that you're not alone, that your heavenly Father cares, and that help is available.

A little book we often make use of at Baylight is aptly titled, "Anxiety: Anatomy and Cure." Written by Dr. Bob Kellemen, it is a short and accessible discussion of a malady that strikes most of us in some way, at some point in our lives. Kellemen writes that anxiety is vigilance that does not trust in God, or turn us back to him. Anxiety, says Kellemen, is vigilance gone wild.

To be sure, it appears that anxiety may originate in the heart/soul in many cases, or it may have some genesis in the body/brain, in others. Whatever stance one takes on the issue of origination, it seems readily apparent that it almost always has effect on both of our constituent parts, that is, body and soul. Thus, any biblical approach to anxiety ought to be holistic, taking both parts of the person into account. To bring help to one is to, at some level, bring help to the other.

With that in mind, we want to provide practical tools that are faithful to Scripture for those we serve. The following link will open a document called "Staying My MInd." It's inspired by the words of Isaiah 26:3, and is offered to anyone facing the depsair of anxiety (and/or depression, perhaps). What's offered is not a "miracle cure," but a biblical alternative to the false gospel preached to our own hearts by the anxieties that chase after us.

You can find the "Stay Your Mind" resource here.

If, after completing the assignment (perhaps more than once), you desire to speak to one of our counselors, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to come along side you in your journey with this unruly and unwelcomed guest.