While the decision to choose one counseling venue over another shouldn't be made based upon shared endorsements, we're thankful for those who found our ministry worthy of their personal recommendation. No one's counseling outcome can be expected to match another's. Still, members of our community have seen fit to endorse our work. We share some of them with you below:

Pastors and Community Leaders

"I am happy to recommend Baylight Counseling for your ministry and counseling needs. If you are looking for a go-to option for biblical counseling, please consider recommending your members to this ministry." ~ Dr. Willy Rice, Sr. Pastor, Calvary Church, Clearwater, Fl.

"If there was an 'Angie's List' for counselors, Baylight Counseling would win the 'Super Service Award.' Take advantage of them, pastors. They exist to serve you and your church." ~ Pastor Jerry Edmonds, Ozona Community Church, Ozona, Fl.

"Josh has a genuine heart for pastors and church members to achieve an enduring health through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. I am happy to recommend his ministry to you and your church family." ~ Pastor Skip Cook, M.Div., Gateway Baptist Church, St. Pete, Fl.

"Joshua was a student in the Biblical Counseling department at SEBTS, where I had the opportunity to supervise him in the classroom setting. Josh is a patient and compassionate counselor. I am sure God will use him for His glory in counseling ministry. I'm happy to endorse his efforts." ~ Dr. Sam R. Williams, Ph.D., Professor of Counseling, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Former Counselees

"Baylight has played a pivotal role in my journey to healing from issues of past abuse. It's an environment that's biblically based. Through godly counsel I'm continuing on the path toward freedom." ~ Amy

"One year ago, I found myself facing the biggest crisis of my life. I had committed inexcusable acts that created irreparable damage to my marriage and was referred to Baylight through the church. The counselor at Baylight walked my wife and I through a biblical reconciliation process and gave us support materials to work through while also working on my own spiritual walk. By God's unfathomable grace and mercy, my wife and I are still married and in fact have a better marriage today than we've ever had. I am forever grateful to Baylight for their Biblical guidance and counseling." ~ Brad

"My letter is to tell you about the great ministry of Baylight Counseling. I started counseling with Baylight about a year ago.  I have struggled my entire life with same sex attraction and have never been able to openly discuss this with someone in the church. Their guidance in helping me identify who I am in Christ and walking me through biblical applications have helped me grow spiritually. They've provided me tools to overcome temptations which have helped me grow in Christ." ~ Shane

"With the leadership of Baylight, I was able to deal with the emotions of loss due to miscarriage, and see my relationship to my husband restored." ~ Rebecca