Have you ever participated in any form of counseling?

If you've ever sat with a friend, trusted colleague, or pastor to talk about a troubling circumstance in your life, then the answer would be yes. In its simplest form, this is what it's like to counsel at Baylight.

As in most any counseling scenario, at Baylight you'll participate in what we describe as an on-going dialogue with one of our trained counselors about the issue that originally brought you in, related historical matters pertaining to your life, and potential biblical solutions. Each session, generally 50 minutes in length, will begin and end with prayer, coupled with a Scripture reading for our mutual encouragement. Between sessions, you'll likely be assigned a short homework assignment to keep you moving forward.

We understand that the decision to seek counseling is a big step. Involving a third-party in your life's most sensitive areas isn't easy. We promise to work hard for your trust as we work with you for God's glory.

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We look forward to meeting you!